Saturday, September 1, 2012

Intro Into Sophocracy

I present to the world, Sophocracy. From the Greek sophos, meaning wise, and krátos, meaning power. Literally meaning governed by the wise. Sophocracy aims to provide for the needs of the governed by passing legislation and making revisions objectively based on the results of the legislation.

Sophocracy in its purist form breaks the government into 5 decision making bodies. These are the most basic of governmental problems: Health, Education, Infrastructure/Science & Technology, Economics/Business, and Foreign Affairs/Social Law. Only people qualified to make decisions in one of these legislative bodies can, either elected or appointed.

All laws would be presented and evaluated using the Sophocratic Method. The Sophocratic Method follows the Scientific Method.

1. Determine the problem to be solved, and set goals to reach.
2. Propose a method to solve this problem.
3. Design the legislation that you think will meet the goals of your problem. Set a date to check if the goals have been met.
4. Pass the legislation.
5. On the set date accept, reject, or amend the legislation, based on if it met the requirement of the projected goals.

Sophocracy is in its infancy now. It is still developing, and has room for improvement and debate. Leave a comment below, if you have anything to say.

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